Counselling + Psychotherapy

CHS provides a safe, confidential and supportive counselling environment. Using evidence-based practice, CHS supports clients through issues building empowerment, autonomy and confidence to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing, emotional and psychological health, stress levels, conflict, relationships, parenting and family life.

Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching 

With a focus on looking at each client as a whole rather than issues in isolation, CHS uses a holistic approach to achieve lasting wellness. Focusing on healthy nutrition, exercise and movement, optimal sleep habits, stress reduction and yoga, along with other lifestyle factors, CHS creates a real shift to core health.

Community + Corporate Education

With experience working with adults, youth and children from diverse backgrounds presentations and workshops are tailored to suit. From corporate organisations, schools and universities, community groups, disability services and indigenous groups, CHS boasts an ability to engage and provide audience appropriate content and context. 

Yoga + Meditation + Mindfulness

Specifically qualified in both adult and children’s yoga CHS have experience in both private and group yoga for adults, youth, children along with those with special needs and disabilities.

Focused on a hatha based practice, with a spectrum of vinyasa to yin and restorative to suit specific needs, CHS dovetails in a somatic focus, mindfulness and psychotherapy techniques to offer a complete mind-body experience. Bringing in music, movement and rhythm to children’s classes CHS focuses on age appropriate yogic practice and body and spatial awareness whilst keeping children engaged.

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